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Become a rockstar at doing your own books.


Need a little help?

Have a few questions or issues with your books?

You're in the right place.
Sometimes you just need a quick chat with a bookkeeper.

Whether it's a question about software, tech, accounting, or totally random, we're here to help you work it out.

This is what we do.

Tech Issues

Sales Tax Software, Quickbooks, Wave, Payroll systems, if it's tech-related, we can help.

Quickbooks Help

Quickbooks help is on the way. Whether you need a full training session, or a few troubleshooting pointers, we can do that.

Bookkeeping Questions

Question or issue with your books? New situation you haven't encoutered before? Let's work it out together.


Tech Issues

Software can be confusing. Especially when you have a software service for practically every aspect of your business.

Accounting software, inventory manager, payroll, e-commerce, payment processors, the list goes on.
How does it work?
How does it function with my accounting?
We can help you map it, track it, and master it.

Quickbooks Help

Quickbooks is fantastic, and is the software used by nearly everyone.

Not knowing how to use Quickbooks? Not so cool.

We can show you how to use Quickbooks for whatever your business needs.

We're here for you whether you have one specific question or need to know what to do with the whole software.


Bookkeeping Help

Your business is unique. That means your bookkeeping issues will be too.

We can answer your questions, walk you through the steps, and get you past the confusion of each individual transaction.
No matter if you have one question, or a long list, we're here to help.


Hear what other people are saying about Crystal

August 30, 2016

I have to tell you how well the meeting went with Crystal this morning. She is a dream-come-true! We were able to resolve several of the ongoing issues we've had and she provided easy-to-follow instructions for me to use going forward.

Leta Campbell-Larsen

May 04, 2016

Crystal is a joy to work with. I appreciate that she took the time to really understand our business and the history of our bookkeeping system before making changes. Our bookkeeping process is very efficient and well organized due to Crystal's diligence and attention to detail.

Todd Harris, CPME


November 23, 2016

Crystal did an outstanding job getting my Quickbooks on the right track.  She also made herself promptly available for follow up training. She didn't just make Quickbooks understandable, she made it easy.

Gary Clark

G Charles Bakery

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