5 Cleverly Hidden Features of Quickbooks Online

What would you say if I told you that Quickbooks has been hiding things from you?

Well, not in a secret-code type of way. More in a not-so-apparent type of way.

And what you say if I told you those not-so-apparent features would make using Quickbooks Online easier, faster, and simpler? Great news: They will! (And if you want even more Quickbooks goodness, click here to get the free cheatsheet!)

#1 - Attachments

Quickbooks included a feature that allows attachments to be added to nearly any transaction. These attachments can also be added to customers and vendors.  Types of things you can attach are : Receipts, contracts, PO’s, customer notes, and pretty much anything else you need to keep a record of. To use, simply “Add Attachment” when in the edit screen.

Quickbooks then took this attachments feature up a notch and added a feature that keeps all of your attachments in a list so you can quickly find them when you need them.  Just locate the Settings Gear Icon > Attachments.  Cool, huh?

#2 - Recent Transactions

Imagine you are busy doing your books and you close a transaction at the same time you realize you need to make change to it.  Or that you accidentally hit Save and Close before you finish entering all of the information.  Quickbooks has you covered.

They’ve created a quick-list where you can access your most recent transactions quickly without going through all of the menus.  Without this quick menu, you would be navigating to the customer center, scrolling to find the customer, locating the invoice you need and then into that window.  With this menu, you can quickly find that invoice again with a simple click.

It is located at the top of your screen and only appears when you click the ‘Magnifying Glass’ menu.  When you click the magnifying glass, a search bar will appear along with a list of your most recent transactions. From here, simply find what you need and save the hassle of many clicks.

#3 - Recurring Transactions

Do you send your customers the same invoice each month?  Or maybe get the same bill from your vendors each month?  Why enter them over and over and over again?  With the Recurring feature in Quickbooks Online, you can simply set a transaction to recur and let the software do the work for you.

You can find this feature in Settings Gear Icon > Recurring Transactions

#4 - Apps.com

By now you know there are a lot of business software options that work well with Quickbooks Online.  But did you know that there are so many software options that sync directly with Quickbooks Online, that Intuit went ahead and secured the domain name www.